We find new customers for your local business using Social Media

We make it easy to turn strangers into new customers for retail, dining, contractors, professionals, and makers.


2-4 unique video & image ads custom created for you  every month. 
All advertising operates in your own Facebook account so you're always in control of ad spend.
Literally...your own dedicated Social Media Marketing team you can talk to every single day.



Social Media Works (too well).  We make it work for you.


Ads reach only the people who are most likely to come in.  If your ideal new customer is a left-handed cat owner, we only spend money reaching left-handed cat owners.


Social Media Advertising is about far more than discounts.  It's about being relevant to what folks need when they want it.  Then it's about helping them discover how you'll help.


We handle the daily grind of ad and audience optimization to guarantee your $400 in monthly media spend is delivering real-life results. We will produce bespoke creative every month based on the story we're telling...and you get to keep it forever.  Advertising runs from YOUR business' Facebook account, so you can always turn it off - or tell us to turn it up!

Who and What is ClickUPON?

We believe it's not fair that local businesses get run over on Social Media by big companies with powerful data analytics and creative teams. There's no way most local business owners can keep up with it all - but they have to.  Face it - Social Media is where we all congregate reliably now.  And we expect fresh engaging videos, new information and new ideas -- but only when we want it.  Social Media delivers this, but it's a ton of work.

Founded in 2016 in Lancaster PA inside Clipper Magazine Stadium, we know how hard (and wastefully expensive) it is to find and motivate our local neighbors every week to get them in our door. Once we truly cracked the magic with Facebook, we all knew we had to dedicate our careers to helping all the other local businesses everyone loves, instead of helping the big national chains no one really cares about anyway.

We're a growing team of Social Media managers, artists, IT, videographers and storytellers and we take on a limited number of local businesses each month.  If we help you, we will be dedicated to keep learning your business and understanding your customers' needs so we tell your story the best way- at the exact right time.

“We really love what you guys bring to the table.”

“In the last year, you've doubled our customers. It's neat how you can take our design ideas and turn them into cool Facebook and Social Media clips for people to interact with. It's fun having meetings with your every month, and it's great to see real results (and detailed reporting), which is something that you don't usually get with most types of advertising.”

Karl and Lily Ross, Owner

Laserdome - Lancaster, PA

"We'll be using ClickUPON all year-round" 

"We've been using ClickUPON since May to promote our youth sports summer camps, and we surpassed last summer's revenue before even reaching the final two weeks of camp! The team at ClickUPON designed very effective Facebook ad campaigns to target new customers, and the best part was their Deals option which allowed us to use customer registrations to pay for ClickUPON's services."

Chris Lerch, Marketing Director 

422 SportsPlex | Dulles, VA SportsPlex | Rockville MD SportsPlex 

"ClickUPON doubled dinner sales"

"ClickUPON has done a great job for us. We've increased our dinner traffic and introduced new products and we've had a strong response from the social community. While lunch used to be our busiest time of day the ClickUPON social media campaigns have helped us double our dinner sales."

Dennis Payne, Owner

Fresh Farms Café - Lancaster, PA

"We have new people coming in"

"The hardest part is to get someone here. That's what you did with the videos. We saw new faces, new people in the crowds. We have our regulars, but we now have new people coming in... by just seeing the videos on Facebook, not just because of offering coupons or discounts."

Jason Pinte, Owner

Banotai Greenhouse - Belleville, MI


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