Proudly serving Lancaster, PA since 1989, Jill & Bonnie’s Electrolysis & Laser offers electrolysis, laser hair removal, permanent cosmetics, and tattoo removal. With almost 60 years of combined experience, there’s just about no hair problem that we cannot handle! Proud to be the only one-stop-shop in the Central PA area for all your hair removal solutions from start to finish, Jill and Bonnie are excited to help you today!

Hair removal and skin services

Electrolysis  A time-honored & proven method that will eliminate unwanted hair for good. A small amount of electrical current is applied into each hair follicle via a tiny metal probe, that causes destruction of the hair root. The location of where the treatment is being performed, the amount & type of hair, & the origin of hair growth, all affect how many treatment sessions are necessary to remove 100% of your unwanted hair. 

Laser Hair Removal  A revolutionary & widely known form of management for unwanted hair. Treatments target larger areas of hair follicles & are able to reduce their visibility by ~20% each session. Four to six treatments should achieve significant results of 90-100% permanent hair removal. This process is most effective when the skin is in the growth phase & provides the quickest & most proven results for fair-skinned individuals that have dark, coarse hair.

Micro-Needling  An effective treatment that produces dramatic changes in wrinkled & aged skin. Our micro-needling device, Rejuvapen, causes multiple, tiny pinpoint punctures to the deeper layers of your skin on the face & parts of the body. This initiates the release of growth factors & further stimulates the production of new collagen & elastin. Benefits include lifting, tightening, & rejuvenating the skin; reducing fine lines, wrinkles, pore size, & acne scarring; & improving stretch marks & the appearance of scars.  

Tattoo-Related services

(by Bonnie)

Tattoo Removal by Disappearing Ink

Laser tattoo removal can properly accommodate and treat the customers searching for a ‘way out’ of their often impulsive decisions. Although effective, this proven method of tattoo removal can come at a hefty price tag, which brings me to my mission of offering more affordable rates to reach larger numbers of potential customers. Depending on your goals, a few sessions may be all you need to lighten the existing tattoo to either replace it with some different artwork or more to completely eliminate the tattoo.

The Finished Line Permanent Cosmetics

Cosmetic tattooing is THE solution for daily makeup-wearers that are sick of repeatedly applying their upper- and lower-lid eyeliner, lips or eyebrows! This permanent tattooing option ultimately cuts your getting ready time in half. If it’s the fear of resulting pain holding you back from the tattooing procedure, allow me to ease your mind. We use a topical anesthetic prior to the procedure creating a virtually pain-free experience! Another concern I hear from past clients is the permanency of the cosmetic tattoo method, but please know that I go to great lengths to ensure that you have a complete and comfortable understanding of what you can expect before any tattooing is performed on the skin.


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